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Bundle up your promotions with personalised bags!

Promotional Bags

Everyone can find a use for promotional bags. Visitors to a trade show, exhibition or seminar might find it helpful to have a messenger bag or cotton shopping bag to collect literature and samples. Teachers and students often use drawstring bags to carry their books to school or university. And where would we be without our reusable promotional bags (so called “bags for life”) for the weekly shopping trip? Studies have found that people like useful products such as printed bags and are likely to think favourably of the organisations that give them out. Research conducted for the Promotional Products Association International, found 75.4 per cent of those who received a promotional product thought it was useful. The frequent exposure of promotional bags also creates a low cost per advertising impression. The PPAI study noted that 73 per cent of those who used the promotional product they received used it at least once a week, with 45.2 per cent using it every day. Over half (55 per cent) of people kept their promotional items for over a year, highlighting the long-term marketing exposure gained when you give out promotional bags.

Promotional bags - the green alternative!

A recent study by the Environment Agency highlighted that reusable ‘bags for life’ only have to be used four times for them to have a lower carbon footprint than a regular carrier bag, clearly demonstrating the green credentials of reusable promotional bags. Green chic is all the rage at the moment, and there are a host of fashionable printed bags on the market. Anya Hindmarch started the trend with her 'I am not a plastic bag', which were snapped up by shoppers all over the UK. 4imprint has numerous exclusive eco-friendly promotional bags which feature green slogans and designs. Just imagine if your organisations’ promotional bags gained a fraction of the publicity as the latest “IT” bag from a major fashion house! With many shops now charging for carrier bags or not providing them at all, people are looking for alternatives. What better way to fill the gap in the market by providing your customers, staff or any other stakeholders with a bag they can use over and over again? 4imprint has a range of eco-friendly promotional bags available in a range of materials from natural cotton to recyclable non woven polypropylene. These bags offer large print areas for your marketing message or logo as well as being an excellent eco-friendly choice.