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11 years

Most Reviewed

The most frequently reviewed items!

Curvy Pen - Colour

Item No. 300646

Lynn from Edinburgh

Good quality pen.

Claire from Hertford

They write really well.

Seb from Dorchester

Good quality - clients love them!

Essential Coloured Cotton Shopper

Item No. 400681

Karen from Bradford

Great option for give-away shopper - good quality for the price

Lara from Alderley Edge

Brilliant service and very helpful staff.

Sarah from Wednesbury

Good quality and a great print.

Calypso Pen - Frosted

Item No. 300807F

Imogen from London

Very popular with our clients.

Andrew from Paisley

Great pen, nice writer, great price.

Jenny from High Wycombe

A good, sturdy pen that writes really well.

500ml Finger Grip Sports Bottle - Push Pull Cap

read all 90 reviews for 500ml Finger Grip Sports Bottle - Push Pull Cap
500ml Finger Grip Sports Bottle - Push Pull Cap

Item No. 502093

Debbie from Greenford


Samantha from Folkestone

Bargain Price, Great Quality.

Nicola from Telford

Very happy with the product and it will hopefully help to reduce the use of one use plastic at the park.

Essential Drawstring Bag - 1 Day

Item No. 401554EXP

Jon from Tredegar

Great item, very affordable and will definitely order again.

Stacy from Kettering

Good quality bag and very prompt delivery. Thank you.

Graeme from Hamilton

Good size and material.

Vogue Pen - White

Item No. 300802W

Lucie from Lytham St Annes

Great, thank you.

Vitor from London

Great quality pen.

Kirsty from Craigavon

Pens write well but the clicker at the top of the pens keep falling off and breaking.

Translucent Promotional Travel Mug

Item No. 500666

Holly from Tipton

Fab, good colour and design. quick service.

Mark from Manchester

All as advertised and very good to use.

Sue from Gloucester

Have had no negatives....does what its meant to do.

Cambridge Mug - White

Item No. 700260W

Tim from Alton

Good quality and breakage replaced promptly.

Annette from London

Great product for the price.

Sebastian from Cambridge

Good mugs.

Noir Notebook with Curvy Pen - A5

Item No. 702384

Danny from Ecclesfield

Excellent product.

Chris from Aylesbury

Same quality as those we ordered 3 years ago! Excellent value for money.

Nick from London

Great item. Great value.

A5 Soft Touch Notebook

Item No. 702361L

Susanne from London

Great, we have ordered it twice now.

Caitlin from London

Very good, nice quality.

Andrew from Sheffield

Love them. All group members buzzing with them. Good for team morale!

20mm Flat Lanyard

Item No. 400393

Jessica from Wakefield

I ordered prior to Covid-19 becoming a pandemic (during the Chinese new year too) so I was expecting my order delayed until at least the end of March. Not ideal however given the circumstances it was fine. The product actually got delivered in February - was impressed with how Lauren kept me updated with my orders progress throughout as I appreciate the delays were out of your hand.

Amanda from Hitchin

Simple basic lanyard. No hassle to order.

Fiona from Runcorn

great quality but just to be aware if the logo isn't printed on both sides of the material you have to put much more thought into how it is worn to ensure the logo sides are showing either side.

Promotional Bell Mug - White

Item No. 700264W

Len from Yateley

They are just as we ordered - excellent.

Brian from Inverurie

This was re-order as customers thought they were perfect size and shape.

Laura from Dungannon

Lovely mugs, however, stains quite easy after a few uses. Happy with how the logo looks on it.

Stress Ball

Item No. 700182

Lesley from Lincolnshire

Firm but fab!

Frances from London

Very happy with the product.

Helen from Twickenham

They printed very well.

Sparta Mug - White - Keep Calm Design

Item No. 701587

Helen from Maidstone

Very good quality and again very popular with our Clients the quality of the printing is very clear.

Lesley from London

The mugs I had printed as a farewell gift to colleagues were just as I had wanted - my own message and in the school colours - they went down a storm at my end of term do - so thanks very much. I would highly recommend you

Karen from Stockton On Tees

love them

Standard Message Bugs

Item No. 400086

Cathy from Clifton

Exactly what we were after - especially loved the large bug!!

Sheila from Ballinteer

A cheerful brightly coloured promotional item. Loved by the younger students.

Vicky from Barry

Lovely bugs, good quality, nice selection of colours!!

Parker Jotter Pen - 2 Day

Item No. 300091EXP

Chris from Epsom

Parker is a great brand, they have an image as a pen producer that represents a balance between high quality at a reasonable price. The box these pen come in creates a wonderful feeling that this is a special gift. The printing is exemplary and matches the image of our brand to that of Parker.

Alison from Paisley

Very nice quality, delivery as promised

Charlotte from Reading

Great pen - good quality.

Adloop Keyring

Item No. 900039

Kate from Colchester

Just perfect.

Kate from Newcastle Upon Tyne

Goods were as expected.

Vaughan from Dundalk

Nice little give-aways which are actually useful.

Americano Travel Mug - White with Grip

Item No. 701566

Claire from Brentwood

Lovely sturdy item.

Maria from Manchester

Perfect little cup, have used it every day since I ordered and it screws on tightly, no drips, easy to clean and the print on the heat grip is beautiful and clear. Love it.

Louise from London

Good quality and certainly keep hot drinks warm for a long time. Had white cups with lids coloured according to teams (5 colours in total). Product appreciated by staff and received 'best giveaway ever' responses - now see staff walking around with their colour coded cups!

Pricebuster Promotional Pencil

Item No. 300154

Rebekah from London

Well made and all came in good condition.

Jennifer from Kettering

Very nice, just what we wanted. Thank you.

Jan from Skipton

The pencils themselves seem fine but due to poor packaging many suffered damage and the order was subsequently replaced. Thanks for the gesture of goodwill.

Sticky Note 127 x 75mm - 50 Sheets

Item No. 700093

Minty from Braintree

Looked as expected. We were pleased.

Jelena from Edinburgh

Very good.

Huxley Pen

Item No. 300675

Carla from Stourbridge

Pens are really good quality.

Bob from Leixlip

The first pen we clicked on the button on the top came off. To use the pen the top had to be glued on.

Joanne from Chatteris

Smart pen, nice grip.

Biodegradable Promotional Carrier Bag - Large - Clear

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Biodegradable Promotional Carrier Bag - Large - Clear

Item No. 400200

Emma from Hampton

Excellent value and service. Great quality plastic and print quality.

Lauren from Darlington

Very good sized back, crisp edges on the printing.

Clare from Wormingall

Good quality, smart looking bag.

Electra Metal Pen

Item No. 301520

Kathryn from Birmingham

We buy this as our standard promotional company pen and it is always a lovely one to use.

Dave from Bolton

Great problem, professional looking and really good writers!

Catherine from London

Lovely pen but all individually wrapped in plastic which isn't very environmentally friendly!

550ml Aluminium Sports Bottle - Gloss

Item No. 701584

Ian from Chesterfield

Colour as expected and artwork looks good. Let's hope it's durable.

Anthony from Hove

They look great, however they are somewhat inconvenient to open for easy of access to drink from.

June from Weymouth

Handy size, strong colour.

Curvy Stylus Pen - Silver

Item No. 301342

Shona from St Martin

Artwork looks great on these pens and the added bonus of the tablet/phone stylus end on the pen is great!

Stephen from Tamworth

Good quality pen and quick turnaround.

Sue from Witham

Pen is good value and so far recipients have been particularly impressed with stylus function.

Promotional Balloons 10"

Item No. 400096

Laura from Ipswich

Good quality.

Laura from Lockerbie

Good value.

Kathryn from Stoke On Trent

Great strong balloons with great quality printing - no cracks in the lettering as the balloons are inflated.

Valencia Pen

Item No. 300893

Chesney from St Andrews

We picked these because of how cheap they were but we were so happy with them! They write beautifully and didn't feel as cheap as they were!

Richard from London

Writes well, looks good! I'm happy with my order.

Tina from Peterborough

Good looking if a little lightweight.

Promotional Mint Cards

Item No. 400966

Russell from Southport

Mints aren't very minty.

Lee from Greenock


Rebecca from Lymington

The mints are little tricky to get out of the container but the logo looks great and it is a really useful gift for promoting out business.

Cambridge Mug - Dye Sub

Item No. 700554

Helen from York

Great quality mugs, fast service, very happy. The mugs are being used to advertise Holgate Windmill's 250 year anniversary!

Ashley from Manchester

Good quality and value for money.

Kay from Esher

Good quality.

Brite-Mat Coaster - Square

Item No. 700873

Sara from Northampton

Excellent quality and print quality really pleased.

Jonathan from Oldbury

Great value item that looks great.

Chris from Cheltenham

We had a coaster and the transfer of a few rather scratched ideas from us to the finished item delivered by your team could not have been better. The item is of a good quality and was great value.

Parker Vector Rollerball

Item No. 300089

Barry from Loughgall

Good quality item.

Emily from Banbury

The ink cartridge doesn't work and it very scratchy.

Linda from Uttoxeter

Quality item and looked great with the client's logo printed onto the barrel. The colour (red) was perfect too. Gift box was top quality too and perfect for my client's target audience.

Classic Drawstring Bag

Item No. 400442

Kay from Poole

Very pleased with both the quality of the product and the print.

Jeremy from Braintree

Nice product, looks good in purple

Nathan from London

Can't fault this for the price!!

Fruit of the Loom Value Polo - Coloured - Embroidered

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Fruit of the Loom Value Polo - Coloured - Embroidered

Item No. 602082C

Matthew from Ware

Good quality product, and nicely embroided.

Bethany from Basingstoke

This item is fabulous.

Julie from Basingstoke

Lovely quality and price.

Fruit Of The Loom Value Weight T-Shirt - White

read all 27 reviews for Fruit Of The Loom Value Weight T-Shirt - White
Fruit Of The Loom Value Weight T-Shirt - White

Item No. 602084W

Barbara from London

Perfect fit and good quality. Our students love them!

Lynn from Abingdon

Great, happy with the order and the delivery. Even reached us in time for the launch day!

Chris from Uxbridge

Cheap and cheerful

Alaska Frost Pen

Item No. 300651

Sue from Chinnor

Good basic pen, long lasting and blot free.

Jane from Chelmsford

Great pen for the price.

Emma from Douglas

Great image and writes really good too.

Curvy Pen with Highlighter

Item No. 300936

Steve from Redditch

Great product.

Loretta from Rochdale

Smooth to write with. Nice to hold.

Dawn from Solihull

The pen writes well, however the wording on pen barrel does come off. Bonus of highlighter is good except lid keeps dropping off.

A5 50 Sheet Notepad

Item No. 700012

Annette from Hull

Good value for money. Useful promotional product for our customers.

Luke from Birmingham

Great quality and cheap price!

Jackie from Harlow


Budget Golf Promotional Umbrella

Item No. 500044

Shaun from Whitstable

I ordered some large budget umbrellas for promotional purposes. After speaking with the sales team, arranged for them to come packed in tubes which saved alot of time this end when posting out to customers.

Joanna from Barking

The mock up artwork of the item, was identical to the actual order when received.

Susan from Mayfield

The only thing I did not like was the metal ring bit around the top of the handle where the spokes are supposed to sit in once its shut. It was very tinny and rattles around when you use the umbrella - we cut them off they are annoying and not necessary

A6 50 Sheet Notepad - To Do Design

Item No. 700094TD

Isaac from London

Popular among the guests.

Ana from Watford

Useful product.

Paul from Ammanford

Great product client, friends and family love them!

Bellante Pen

Item No. 300800

Julie from Blackpool

A nice nice pen for the money.

Ed from Birmingham

Very nice design which makes the pen look like it's worth more than it actually costs. Very good as a freebie with a few positive comments so far.

Julie from Blackpool

Great looking pen for the money.

JournalBooks A5 Notebook

Item No. 701880

George from London

Great quality journal.

Lionel from Leatherhead

A good solid Journal and sleeve, with a pocket at the rear. Just what we needed.

Isaac from Manchester


Oyster Card Wallet - Travel Card Holder

read all 23 reviews for Oyster Card Wallet - Travel Card Holder
Oyster Card Wallet - Travel Card Holder

Item No. 400607

Lynda from Tonbridge

Great item, good quality.

Imogen from London

Our clients liked the oyster card wallet to hand.

Janine from London

Good quality.

Printed Silicone Wristbands

Item No. 501974

Vernon from Gwynedd

Great product, well liked by all who tried them on.

Rob from Lincoln

Excellent item.

Fiona from Newark

Thank you the children love them.

Two Tone Cambridge Mug

Item No. 701853

Katrina from Edinburgh

Distinctive item that was met with appreciation from my clients. The colour scheme matched perfectly with my own branding.

Sara from London

Great size and quality.

Laurance from Hornchurch

Good quality although we had three broken mugs despite no apparent impact damage to the box.

Portland Keyring Torch

Item No. 701171

Georgina from Barnsley

Quite small but very powerful torch.

Bernice from Taunton

Lightweight and bright.

Karon from West Malling

Great little torch have ordered many before.

Senator® Super Hit Pen - Exclusive Colours

Item No. 300133E

Dóra from Birmingham

Love the unique and trendy colour.

Claire from Nottingham

Really nice pen, write well and people love them. Great colours.

Luke from Chichester

Brilliant pen and comes in some great colours.

BIC® Media Clic Pen - White Matt Barrel

Item No. 300224

Lyuboslav from Birmingham

It's awesome!

Susan from Cambridge

A good quality pen. Very pleased with the printing results too.

Margaret from Wrexham

Pleased with the items we bought Good size print area

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